A. N. Tyurin
A. N. Tyurin (1940–2002)

Russian Academy of Sciences
Steklov Mathematical Institute
Lomonosov Moscow State University

International School-Conference

dedicated to the memory of the outstanding mathematician
Andrei Nikolaevich Tyurin

The School-Conference will take place at Steklov Mathematical Institute, Moscow, Russia, September 923, 2007.

Organizing Committee:
Vladimir BELOKUROV (Moscow State University),
Ryoichi KOBAYASHI (Nagoya University),
Dmitri ORLOV (Steklov Institute),
Alexei PARSHIN (Steklov Institute),
Martin SCHLICHENMAIER (Luxembourg University),
Armen SERGEEV (Steklov Institute),
Oleg SHEINMAN (Steklov Institute),
Nikolai TYURIN (Dubna Institute for Nuclear Research).

In the first week (09.0915.09) we organize a School for Young Mathematicians and Physicists with a series of short lecture courses, delivered by well-known experts in algebraic geometry and geometric quantization.

J.-M.BISMUT, Alexei GORODENTSEV (Moscow Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics), Dmitri KALEDIN (Steklov Institute), Yuichi NOHARA (Nagoya University), Andrei SHAFAREVICH (Moscow State University), Ken-ichi SUGIYAMA (Chiba University).

The second week (16.0923.09) will be devoted to the Conference "Geometric Quantization and Related Topics". The Conference program will include 45-min and 30-min talks. The main topics of the Conference:

- algebraic and complex analytic aspects of quantization
- geometric quantization
- quantum field theory, relations with modern theoretical physics

This Conference may be considered as a continuation of the previous Conference on this subject, which took place in Japan (Tokyo and Nagoya) in November, 2005. We expect to see the participants of that Conference and many newcomers.

The School-Conference is sponsored by the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Lomonosov Moscow State University, and the European Science Foundation within the research programme Harmonic and Complex Analysis and its Applications.

We expect to be able to cover the accomodation of the most part of participants. Unfortunately, we would not be able to pay for the flights to Moscow and back.

You may contact us by:
e-mail: geoquant@mi.ras.ru
telephone: +7(495)-135.22.91
fax: +7(495)-135.05.55
Steklov Mathematical Institute

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