1) How to get from the airport to your living place.
We are going to meet most of the participants at the airport. For that we
should know in advance your arrival time, the number of your flight and
the destination airport in Moscow (either Sheremetievo or Domodedovo).
Please, send this information to Sergei Gorchinski, e-mail
> as soon as possible.
In case you missed us in the airport you can order a taxi in the office in
the airport and give the address of your living place in the office or to
the driver. Estimated cost of taxi is 1500-200 Roubles (60-80 USD)
(please, keep the bill. We will try to compensate it). Please, note that
the official taxi are yellow, with squairs drown. We do not recomment to
accept the offers of nonofficial drivers.
In urgent cases please contact us by the following mobile phone numbers:
+7 916 3958375 Sergei Gorchinski (responcible for meeting participants
 in airports)
+7 916 5912196 Oleg Sheinman
+7 495 1027058 Armen Sergeev (please, note that in the e-mail message
this phone number was pointed out incorrectly)
2) How to get from your living place to the Steklov institute.
 The Institute is located at the corner of Gubkina str. and Vavilova str.
 From the Moscow State University: buses 111, minibus 400 (until the bus
stop "Univermag Moskva"), 57,119 (until the bus stop "ul. Dmitriya
Uljanova"). In the first case go by Gubkina str., in the second -- by
Vavilova str. (to the left).
 From the hotel "Akademicheskaya": bus 111, electric buses 4,61 (until
the bus stop "Univermag Moskva"), cross Leninskii prospect (avenu) and go
by Gubkina str.
 At the first day of the conference, we are going to follow groups of
participants from their living places to the institute.