The participants will stay at three places:
1) Guest rooms of the Moscow State University (MSU).
 Address: Leninskie Gory, 1, Sector E
 (this is in the main building of the Moscow State University).
 Metro station: "Universitet"
 Buses: 661,119,47. Minibuses: 400, 119
2) Hotel "Akademicheskaya".
 Address: Donskaya str., 1 (building 2)
 Metro station: "Oktyabrskaya"
3) Guest rooms of the Steklov institute.
 Address: Gubkina str., 8, floor 2.
 Nearest metro station: "Akademicheskaya" (15 min walking)
If you have not received any personal message about place of 
your stay, please contact us.